Europe Travel Tips

A few general Europe travel tips to get you started.

  • Christmas holidays and long summer school holidays along with the Easter break can bring huge crowds to popular parts of Europe. Avoiding peak times will keep your prices down.
  • Countries that don’t have the Euro are often cheaper
  • Be aware of Shengen area visa restrictions.
  • If you’re driving – don’t forget to buy a vignette and be aware of driving laws and restrictions.
  • You’re unlikely to have difficulties if you only speak English, in most European countries locals are insanely good at English. But if you’re wondering off the beaten track, grab a phrase book and learn what you can. It’s polite to try.
  • Avoid places that purely exist for tourists. Put money in local pockets, meet more local people and learn more about the country you’re visiting by finding the shops, restaurants and places the locals love.
  • You can zip around Europe cheaply by budget airline – they’re all pretty similar – or use trains, buses, hire a car, ride a bike – Europe is pretty easy to get around.
  • The weather in Europe swings from hot summers to freezing winters, be prepared for anything and be sure to check weather outlooks. Don’t rule out visiting in the dark and cold of winter, it’s my favourite time to be in Europe.
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