How will COVID-19 change air travel?

Due to the spread of COVID-19, passengers helplessly canceled their travel plans. As the pandemic is increasing day by day, the government all over the world decides to keep the citizens of their country safe. Air travel has been falling by keeping public safety in mind. The major decision taken by the government is to abandon the entry of foreign citizens. This step forced airline management to stop running their flights.

The South African authorities decide to give some relaxation to the country’s tourism section with some restrictions. The only country,s residents, are allowed to visit the tourist places. International visitors still not get permission to visit the tourist places.

According to the South African tourism minister, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane: ” The external border of South Africa will only be unlocked for the international visitors based on the data that make sure to save the life of South African’s citizen. ” The country’s government wants to save a citizen’s life in addition to give them the advantage of tourism.

In order to protect those citizens who live outside the country, many countries government decides to open their borders for one another, and the border will remain lock for the other countries. The people who come from other countries will be quarantined.
Accuracy means a lot in the way of testing

The authorities of the United Kingdom took a big step. The United Kingdom citizens are called from the 50 countries of the world without being quarantined. The citizens who come from the countries where the coronavirus cases are not under control will be isolated to save the rest of their lives. The government of the United Kingdom does not want its citizen to travel to any high-risk country. This is why the country locks its external border to reduce the risk of the COVID pandemic.

The countries have also started testing for the passengers too. This step will help to find out the count of the affected persons, and the passengers who have minor or similar symptoms as of COVID-19 will be quarantined.

As per the government of Taiwan, only the passengers having the symptoms similar to the COVID-19 will only be quarantined. The benefit of the testing experiment is to give relaxation to the people.

But as we said earlier, accuracy means a lot in the way of testing. This means we also have to protect the people who are not affected by this pandemic. If a person is not corona positive, but at the time of traveling, it might get affected by the pandemic. This is why accuracy means a lot.

Benefits to the airlines

Many countries are trying to make a vaccine for this infection. Once the vaccine gets prepare, it will be a big relief for the world.

The vaccine makes the human body strong to fight with this infection, and it also reduces the risk of getting affected. Preparing the vaccine for this infection becomes the priority of every country so that the world can get rid of this major issue.

After finding the vaccine, there is a very long procedure. Launching the vaccine in the market will take time. But to fly like before, the pandemic will take too long. It will take so much time to get everything in a normal state. Travelers have to wait for relaxed flying.
However, airlines are taking precautions for passengers’ safety. Airlines provide the food to the passengers prepared by the professional chefs. But after this pandemic, only packed food is offered to the passengers.

Airlines companies want to reduce contact to stop the spread of coronavirus. The crew members are also instructed to minimize contact with the passengers for safety purposes. They want to provide a safe flying to the passengers. The passenger’s safety is the main aim for all airline companies at this time.

The very famous Qatar Airways instructed its crew members to wear masks, gloves, and face shields. According to the chief of the airline, Akbar Al Baker, these measures are taken to keep the health of passengers and crew members in mind. With the safety of passengers, the safety of crew members is also very important to the airline companies.
Airlines companies have decided that the fares of the seats will be based on the demands of the customers. When there is an increase in the demand for the passengers, the fares will be dropped. As the request will be decreased, the fares will be high.

The increase in fares by the airline companies will help them economically. This will help them to cover economic loss. This will also save them from being bankrupt. Emirates chief Tim Clark also gives similar statements.

Maintaining social distancing with the density of passengers become a bit difficult day by day
Maintaining the airline expenses is becoming a bit difficult day by day due to the infection. Airline companies are running out of cash, and the costs and the annual expenses are in billions. This has created a big issue for the airline companies. Hence, airways decided to fill the seats. The airways companies started filling a minimum of the two-third seats of their air cabins.

An increase in the number of bookings becomes mandatory for the airways. This is the only way to improve their economic condition and manage expenses But if the density of passengers is increased, then it could increase the chance of the spread of the infection among the passengers as well as the crew members.

Borenstein stated that if the number of passengers is limited, then it will be a great loss to the aerospace sector, and if they increase the passenger density, it will increase the risk of the infection. In this situation, it becomes the biggest question for this sector that how to recover the loss without increasing the risk of disease to the passengers.

The Airbus chief executive, Guillaume Faury, gives the statement that “this is the biggest loss to the aerospace industry in the decade.” A similar statement is provided by the International Air Transport Association.

It will take a very long time for the airline industry to get over this loss, but this will happen one day. But when this happens, traveling through airways become unfamiliar to the people who go via airways.


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