Travel and tourism sector after COVID-19

Coronavirus affected the travel and tourism sector on a big scale. This pandemic took more than 50 million jobs from the travel industry all over the world. The tourism and travel section of every country faces many difficulties this year. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, it will take more than ten months to get everything in a normal situation. The infection has bought a halt to the travel and tourism industry. All the travel plans made by the people has been canceled.

According to the Managing Partner at Plug and Play Travel, Amir Amidi, “The condition is getting worse as the days passing on. This is the time we should come together and recover the loss. In this situation, we should help each other.”

Every country on the earth is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, and everyone is trying to recover its economic loss. Let’s take an example of China; the domestic travel was stopped in March’s first half. This had a big impact on the aviation department. Not only China, various countries like the U.S., Spain, Germany, Italy, India, and many more countries bought to travel to a standstill.

As per IATA, there is an expected annual loss of $113-252 billion to the aviation industry. The sector which earns a profit of $26 billion in the year 2019 has faced such a big loss.
As per the arrival, in 2019, this industry-valued $254 billion and having 1 billion of operators.In 2019, 86% of operators gave rise to sales of less than $250K.The average of year-over-year tickets cancellation is 52%; partly, there is a 37% cancellation in the flight tickets.

This pandemic affected hotel business also very much. According to the research, it will take 2-3 years to recover this big loss. Many luxurious hotels in many countries are closed, and there are no chances that these hotels will open so early.

Travel plans after the pandemic

Hotel will be selected independently

Every person on the planet, eagerly waiting for the things to get back to their normal stage. But the fact is that many things have changed due to this infection. As per recent research, people will choose their livelihood separately. Before the pandemic, people trust brands for hygiene and safety purposes, so they choose the brands. If any person buys a property, his first priority was, the property should be near the market, so they don’t have to find any issue for transportation and for daily needs. But for now, people want to stay away from the crowd. If we talk about hotels, the preferable ones are which have no or less.

For the holidays like summer vacations, people will choose the planned ones only and avoid visiting the crowded cities as they are scared to visit overfill places due to the disease. When it comes to giving your home on rent, there should be a condition of cleanliness and hygiene with the proper conformation of that person. It will take very much time to gain the trust of the normal citizen of the country.

We need to make various changes to the hospitality sector make people believe that it is safe and secure for them to stay in hotels. We should make people aware of the safe environment and surroundings of the travel and hospitality sector.

Cleanliness should be focuses

Only screened travelers get permission to travel. Aviation companies such as Emirates and Etihad are following new methods like a necessary blood test, temperature check, etc. for all passengers.The main focus should be on sanitization and hygiene. This infection launched new procedures for cleanliness; the reservation methods are changed, less movement to crowded places.

Fares may grow high

The aviation department all over the world is fighting with the problem that how to provide more number of seats to the passengers to keep them safe and secure so they can travel with the thought of maintaining social distance. But as the pandemic gave a big economic loss to the airline companies, so the travelers have to face the issue of an increase in the fare. As if the air traveling companies take care of the social distancing, they need more space; their seat record will drop.

People will prefer road trips

As the pandemic is increasing day by day, people prefer to travel via road. Road trips are always preferable to travelers with songs playing in cars and enjoying the journey. Car rental companies provide estimated rates to travelers after the lockdown. But as the borders are locked so the short tours can only be offered.

People can easily afford luxury

As there is a big drop in the country’s economy, millions are jobs that have been cut down, and the stock market has crashed. The aviation department is forced to think about how they give us more and more facilities at affordable prices. The hospitality department is also trying to provide more comfort and cleanliness to the visitors at reasonable rates. Better deals have been offering by the companies to the customers so they can trust the airlines as well as the hotel departments.

Pliability is the main aim

There is also relaxation for the travelers that it’s going to be very easy for them to reserve their seat, postpone their plans or cancel their bookings. They will get the full amount back on the cancelation of their reservations. The airlines and hotel management want to make sure that their regular and trustworthy customer return soon. They are taking care of customers’ flexibility and comfort.

The travel partners, customers are kept busy by these cancellation policies to make sure those customers of the airline companies will come back and started making bookings. This is to get the trust of the passengers back not only for the time of epidemic but for the future also.


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